The RTP-3000 System

An Advanced Rapid Thermal Processing System with Multi-Gas Capabilities 

The RTP-3000 is a fully automated production system.  The  system with a 200mm chamber is capable of up to 6" Compound Semiconductor, or with a 300mm chamber up to 12" Silicon wafer processing.

Click here for photo image of RTP-3000 300mm configuration

 Click here for photo image of RTP-3000 compound semiconductor configuration


  • Contact alloying
  • Implant activation
  • Silicide formation
  • Nitridation of metals
  • Oxidation
  • Glass reflow


  • Dual-Arm Robot Transport
  • Dual Cassette Platform
  • Quartz Processing Chamber
  • Quartz Wafer Processing Tray
  • Four-layer Tungsten Halogen Lamp Array Heating
  • Zone Control with unique lamp arrangement ensures highly uniform heating of up to 12" Silicon Wafers (300mm chamber) or 8" Silicon Wafers / 6 GaAs Wafers with 8" O.D. Susceptor (200mm chamber)
  • Extended Range Pyrometer Plus (ERP+) internally cooled pyrometer for extended temperature range from 350 1250 Degrees C 
  • Electro polished stainless steel (316L) gas plumbing with VCR Connectors
  • MFC controlled gas lines, up to ten (10) gas lines available.

Temperature Control

The RTP-3000 System features a loop temperature control algorithim with a temperature control stability of +/- 2 deg. C from set point. This feature greatly simplifies programming complex multi-step cycles, since no "tweaking" of system variables is required. The Lamp Calibration feature allows user-optimization of heating uniformity. Software diagnostics are provided to monitor each lamp and compensate for lamp aging effects.


Temperature Measurement 

The temperature measurement techniques available for the RTP-3000 system are thermocouple, pyrometer. The type-K thermocouple is useful for low-temperature processing and calibrating the pyrometer. The Extended Range Pyrometer Plus (ERP+) internally cooled pyrometer can be used to measure wafer temperatures in the range of 350-1250 deg. C. (Actual range depends upon process, wafer type and system configuration.)


An integrated software package has been developed to control the RTP-3000 System. The software modules interactively serve to integrate the various functions and operations of this system. Software features allow convenient recipe creation and editing. Process data may be collected during a run cycle and stored in a data file for later display and analysis. The process and recipe data files can be internally stored as DIF (Data Interchange Format) which can be imported into popular software packages such as Lotus 1-2-3, as a worksheet for display, plotting and further analysis.

RTP-3000 Software Features

  • Real-Time Process Control

  • Real-Time Graphics Display

  • Real-Time Process Data Collection

  • Recipe Editor

  • Recipe Validation

  • Process Data File Management

  • Process Data File Display and Analysis

  • System Diagnostics

  • System Configuration Utilities

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