Our Products

Modular Process Technology supplies advanced RTP process solutions with the industry's highest productivity. The MODULAR One™ multi-chamber RTP system enables high capacity manufacturing of leading edge devices and sets a new standard of performance and reliability for 300mm or 200mm wafer processing. Modular Process Technology also supplies the RTP-3000, a production 300mm or 200mm RTP system, the RTP-3000autoloader, a production susceptor solution for the compound semiconductor sector,  the RTP-800S for pilot production, the RTP-600S for process monitoring and process development, and the UV-RTP and UV stand alone systems which incorporate UV-Ozone processing capability.

The following is a list of our products:
  • Rapid Thermal Processing Production System: MODULAR One™ (200 mm)
  • Rapid Thermal Processing System: RTP-3000 (300 mm or 200mm or 200mm w/Susceptor Autoloader)
  • Rapid Thermal Processing System: RTP-800S (200 mm)
  • Rapid Thermal Annealing System: RTP-600S (150 mm)
  • UV-RTP System: UV-RTP-600 (150 mm)
  • UV-OZONE Cleaning System: UV-600 (150 mm)