The MPT Pristine Series includes a matrix of products designed to address the spectrum of specialized cleaning requirements. The Pristine series UV-600 is an integrated system for UV-Ozone cleaning of semiconductor and optical surfaces, providing a clean hydrocarbon-free surface which significantly improves thin film adhesion. The simultaneous application of ozone and UV light is highly effective in removing residual organic and carbon contamination. The UV-600 UV-OZONE Cleaning System is a bench top system with a sealed cleaning chamber and can accommodate samples up to 165 mm x 165 mm x 10 mm thick. The wafer to be cleaned is placed on a semiconductor grade quartz tray which is mounted on linear bearings for smooth, easy sample loading and unloading. A timer set and display feature allows timing of the cleaning process from 1-999.9 minutes. An audible alarm sounds periodically upon completion of the cleaning process. Safety interlocks are provided to shut off the UV radiation if the door is opened or the exhaust is interrupted.

The irradiation chamber is sealed during operation, with an oxygen gas inlet and an ozone vent providing complete isolation of the ozone from the clean room. The closed chamber is class-10 clean room compatible and provides a clean, particle-free environment for the sample during irradiation. A 0-10 SLPM flowmeter is used to control the oxygen flow during the cleaning process. The oxygen flow is automatically shut off after termination of the process. 

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  • Pre gate oxidation cleaning.
  • Pre-epitaxial cleaning.
  • Photoresist stripping and descum.
  • Controlled growth of sacrificial oxides on compound semiconductors.
  • Final cleaning of bond pads prior to wire bonding.
  • Cleaning of optical surfaces and photomasks prior to coating.
  • Cleaning of quartz resonators and surface acoustic wave components prior to packaging for maximum device stability.


  • Ultra-clean, class-10 compatible sealed cleaning chamber.
  • Semiconductor quartz process tray contacts wafer at edges only.
  • High intensity UV source provides rapid cleaning cycles.
  • Optional UV intensity monitor displays UV output in mW/cm2.



  • UV intensity monitor
  • Elevated substrate temperature capability--up to 500 deg.C.
  • Simultaneous double-sided cleaning.
  • Variety of wafer trays for different substrates.
  • Cassette-to-cassette production system.

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